Top SEO Trends For 2018

SEO in 2018 – How Will It change?

If one thing all marketers and SEO experts and SEO industry know that SEO is everchanging. Some may argue that the SEO philosophy hasn’t changed but everyone agrees that SEO technology has changed therefore SEO tactics will continue to change. The upcoming year of 2018 is no different, in fact, 2018 we anticipate seeing lot’s of changes in the world of SEO, some of them are mentioned below.

How will SEO change in 2018?

We don’t know what Google is cooking for us in 2018, SEOs and marketers know that Google likes throwing curve balls at us. However, it is not too difficult to determine where Google is going from a business perspective and therefore how SEO will change in 2018. Understanding Google’s philosophy and Google’s mission will help us understand how they will change their algorithm. Their mission is simply to serve their audience with targeted and useful search results so they keep coming back. Hence if we optimize for the users, we’ll optimize for Google and we’ll never fall behind. Studying current trends and data and working with over a large number of clients we predict SEO will change in following ways in 2018.

Top 5 SEO Trends for 2018

1. Voice Search –

As a number of mobile users continue to increase, so will usage of Siri, Amazon Echo, and Google voice search technology. Looking at the latest release of iPhone X (also known as voice search in 2018iPhone 10), Google Pixel 2, latest upgrades to iOS, Andoird, and Amazon echo, there is a tremendous amount of investment being put in voice search. Operating systems and phone companies are fully aware that users will be more inclined to use voice technology and they are improving the voice technologies on each upgrade. Digital marketers and SEO specialists should be looking out for voice search optimization opportunities and optimize for voice search. This includes implementing HTML markups and schemas to the fullest, and write better conversational content.  You can find some of those opportunities by looking at Google search console where you may see keywords such as “near me” related keywords being searched by the users. Those are usually voice search keywords you need to optimize for. For example, we want to look out for “SEO companies near me” or ” Enterprise SEO companies near Irvine”, we need ot make sure that content exists in our content naturally.

2. Mobile SEO

– Mobile usage and mobile searches will continue to dominate and mobile search will increase in 2018. As Apple, Samsung, Google, and other smart-phone device companies keep perfecting their devices, the average consumer is more likely to ditch his or her desktop completely when searching for something or performing transactions. Therefore mobile optimization and mobile SEO techniques will become even more important than ever. Things such as implementing AMP, improving mobile page load, improving mobile user experience,  and other mobile optimization techniques will become main tools in our SEO toolbox.

3. Video SEO

– We believe that the difference between success and failure in 2018 will be videos. The organizations with a solid and creative video creation and promotion plan will beat those without it. Why? Mobile users prefer videos over long text simply because they don’t’ have to scroll down to read long blog posts. With videos, they have more control. And since mobile users will continue to rise, so will increase demand for video. Video creation is easier than ever, lots of free or inexpensive tools are available to business owners and marketers and YouTube and social media host videos for free and provide you tools to share those videos, there is no reason for SEOs not to take advantage of videos as part of their SEO strategy for 2018.  Therefore those companies that utilize these tools will win the SEO game in 2018 while those that don’t take advantage of Youtube and social video sharing will fall behind.

4. Hyper-Local SEO

The rise of mobile searches is resulting in a rise in local searches as well.  Hence focusing on optimizing your brand locally and building it up will be a great SEO strategy in 2018. If you own a restaurant chain, then you want to make sure optimize SEO locally for each of your locations as best as you can. Then creating hyper-local content, not only about where you are located but also what’s going on around you. For example, The Cheesecake Factory in Irvine can blog about Irvine improv event, guests, and shows. Such content is unique only to Irvine and will help them rank better in Irvine and surrounding cities.

5. Search Experience Optimization

Back in March 2017, we wrote a blog post in which predicted that Search Experience Optimization, also known as Search Experience Marketing will replace SEO. We can confidentially say that we were on the right track and that trend will continue in 2018. The traditional SEO is becoming less relevant and it will eventually be replaced with a more holistic and comprehensive SEO method where various elements of search optimization and search marketing will work together to provide a better search experience to the users. Therefore to succeed in 2018, you will have to adopt that approach that is also called search experience optimization. It is basically a combination of local SEO, organic SEO, paid search, search and social retargeting to make sure you dominate the search and see the best results.

In conclusion, if you notice, mobile plays a big role in influencing SEO both directly and indirectly. Understanding how users will utilize their mobile devices and search will help you better optimize for both Google and Users in 2018. Staying on top of mobile optimization, thinking user first,  thinking outside the box, delivering the best quality content you can create and have a holistic approach to SEO and search marketing will help you succeed in your SEO efforts in 2018. As an enterprise SEO firm, we are committed to staying on top of trends, so contact us if you need help with your SEO in 2018.


Author: Al Sefati

Al Sefati is an enterprise SEO and search marketing expert and the founder of Sefati & Company. Al works with marketing agencies and enterprise level clients and he is in charge of forming and monitoring their SEO and SEM strategies. Al blogs often about latest SEO, SEM and digital marketing trends and tactics.