I believe one of the points I forgot to include in my article 2015 SEO tips was that SEOs and marketers should have a “topic focused” content strategy verses a keyword focused content strategy. In other words, focus your content around topics that will have high trends and high search rather can keywords  because search algorithms have evolved and with advancement of data, search engines in particular Google are doing a much better job in determining what content to deliver to which audience.  In other words, is increasingly a holistic discipline with focus on quality content that users like. So if you are investing in SEO (and you should be), quality content creation should be part of your main strategy along with content marketing so your content gets the attention it deserves in get you natural links and social shares.

We believe a topic focus SEO is the future of SEO not only for 2015 but also for years to come.  Below is an infographic by SearchMetrics on currently 2014 SEO rankings according to their data and knowledgeable and you can see how “relevant content” and relevant natural links have planed a large role in 2014 and no reason why that should stop for 2015.