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Sefati Service Website Optimization and Maintenance

Your business website is capable of many things. It’s not just an online placeholder or a hub for information about your brand. It can also be a dedicated sales machine, consistently drawing traffic, qualifying leads, and propelling you toward your business goals. In order for your website to accomplish any of this, however, it requires ongoing optimization and maintenance efforts.

If you have a website that you know is capable of more, we invite you to reach out to Sefati & Co today. Our team offers full website optimization and maintenance services, in which we take over existing sites and ensure they’re fueling sales success. We’d love the chance to speak with you further about our services in this field.

Our Services in Website Optimization and Maintenance

The digital marketing consultants at Sefati & Co are pleased to offer our clients the following services in website optimization and maintenance:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Is your website bringing in traffic? Is it easily “discoverable” among consumers? If not, robust technical SEO may be just what you need. Our team of SEO experts can assist with all on-site optimization efforts, whether that means fixing crawler errors, enhancing page speed, etc.

User Experience Optimization (UX)

It’s important for visitors to your site to find it easy to navigate; not only does this improve SEO, but it also helps build trust in your brand. Sefati & Co offers a full suite of UX improvements. Our ultimate goal is to improve the flow and overall functionality of your site, much to the delight of your visitors.

User Test & Conversion Optimization (CRO)

Ultimately, the point of your website should be increasing your sales. Sefati & Co provides A/B testing to identify the improvements your website needs. Ultimately, we can turn your site into a tireless, around-the-clock sales generator.

Website Monitoring & Updates

A crucial aspect of website performance is keeping the back-end functions up to date. Sefati & Co will monitor and update with the latest CMS plugins and updates. In other words, leave it to us to ensure your site is kept up to date with all the latest technical updates.

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Is your website doing everything it should be doing? If not, that’s no reason to panic. Instead, make sure you hire a seasoned website optimization professional. Our team is up for the task. Contact Sefati & Co today to set up a consultation call.