What Are Native Ads and How They Can Help Your Business

What Are Native Ads and How They Can Help Your Business

As many advertisers know, the traditional advertising doesn’t do well for many businesses so many businesses are investing their hard-earned dollars into digital marketing and advertising and paid media. However, for small and medium-size businesses, Google ads may be too expensive and ineffective and Facebook’s new algorithm changes have made it harder to get relevant visibility and good ROI on when advertising.

So how do advertisers can face these challenges and cut through the clutter and make sure their marketing messages are seen, heard, and more importantly work?

Introducing Native Ads

Native advertising has been proven to better build trust and engagement with many consumers especially millennials consumers, better than traditional display ads. But you may ask, what are native ads? The answer with example can be found below:

What is Native Advertising

Native Advertising is a form of paid media where promotional messaging is blended into the organic content.

According to Business Insider, Native ads will drive 74% of all ad revenue by 2021.

Native ads work well in many cases because they don’t disrupt the user experience and blend in editorial content as these ads are designed to match the experience of the platform they live on.

Below is an example of native advertising that you may have seen if you visit CNN.com.


As you can see, advertisers are trying to make sure that users don’t even realize that they are engaging with a promotional content.

How Many Types of Native Ads Are there?

There are three categories of native ads to explore

  1. Social Native Ads: This format is heavily used in influencer marketing campaigns. These ads, in most cases, bypass the ad blockers as they are blended in social newsfeed which makes them indistinguishable for ad blockers.
  2. Native Display Ads: They are also known as promoted stories or recommended content, are more visually engaging and better received than banner ads. They are content-based and they are blended and integrated with their platforms’ feed (see examples above)
  3. Sponsored Content: This is where there is a direct relationship between publisher and brand, to create the content format and messaging. Have you seen those blog posts that say something like “paid post” or “sponsored post”? If not below is an example

Sponsored content will be the fastest growing ad format over the next five years.

The technology is ever changing and changes in technology are influencing the user trends and experience and in today’s trends and marketers and advertisers should keep up with these trends.

Native advertising is one of those trends that marketers need to have in their digital marketing toolbox. The value is very positive and it can change your businesses trajectory overnight.

Credit: This content was inspired by a LinkedIn Video by ChelseaKrost; The 411 on native ads and user-generated content (UGC).


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