What are RankBrain and Neural Matching—and How Do They Affect the Google Algorithms?

According to Google, RankBrain and Neural Matching are both core algorithmic concerns. What this means is that they have a major impact on SEO. To understand what these concepts entail and what they mean for your optimization efforts, check out the latest blog from Sefati & Co. (Read More).

Understanding RankBrain

Let’s take a look at these concepts one at a time, starting with RankBrain. A core component of the search algorithm, RankBrain implements machine learning—that is, the ability of machines to look at data inputs and actually teach themselves things—to better determine the most relevant results for a given search query.

Basically, RankBrain is all about interpreting what you really means by your search query, relying on such factors as your location and the wording of your search input. Google’s machine learning capabilities try to ascertain your true intent so that they can offer you the information you’re really after. That’s the goal of RankBrain in a nutshell.

Adapting your enterprise SEO strategy to RankBrain is challenging but one big takeaway is simply this: More than ever before, it’s important to think about how users search for information, including what language they use and to optimize your content to match their intent. The days of simplistic one-keyword-per-page SEO are largely behind us.

What About Neural Matching?

The second concept to address is Neural Matching. In some ways, it’s closely related to RankBrain. Basically, Neural Matching is a part of the Google algorithm that uses advanced AI capabilities to generate a more diverse lineup of search results. Again, it’s a way for Google to analyze the search engine user’s language and try to determine their intent, hopefully resulting in a more helpful list of results.

For example, say you input a query for something rather vague—e.g., why is my computer not working. Truthfully, you could be looking for all manner of troubleshooting help, but Neural Matching will analyze the request and try to provide you with broad yet relevant results, upping the odds that you get the answer you’re looking for.

Again, there are some complicated considerations here for SEO experts, and the bottom line is that thinking in terms of search engine user habits and intentions is invaluable.

How Sefati & Co Can Help

There’s clearly a lot of complexity here but you don’t have to face that complexity alone. At Sefati & Co, we use our enterprise SEO expertise and platforms to help come up with keyword strategy, topics, and content ideas that connect the dots between user intent and machine learning. In other words, we can help you develop SEO strategies with RankBrain and Neural Matching in mind.

Schedule a consultation with Sefati & Co today, and we’d be happy to discuss these concepts with you further.

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