What Do We Know About the June 2019 Google Core Update?

Many search engine users assume that Google is a fairly static entity—that the search algorithms seldom fluctuate or change. Experienced SEOs know that nothing could be further from the truth.

Actually, Google’s engineers roll out updates to the search algorithms quite often. Some of those updates are so minor they hardly warrant mentioning. Others are more major.

The June 2019 Google Core Update, which has been in effect for close to a month now, falls somewhere between those two camps. It’s not exactly minor, but neither is its impact seismic. It’s fair to say that SEO professionals should at least be aware of it—so in this post, we’ll summarize everything we know so far.

Why Does Google Update its Algorithms?

Before we get into the new update, it’s worth pausing to reflect on why, exactly, Google makes these algorithmic adjustments.

Essentially, Google is always trying to provide its customers (search engine users) with a better product (relevant, valuable search results). As such, the algorithmic updates are typically meant to better reward really good content and to penalize SEOs who use hacky gimmicks and tricks.

About the June 2019 Core Update

So, what do we know about the June 2019 Core Update?

According to the Google team, this update was intended to award “authentic” and “original” content. Inversely, the update was intended to penalize content lacking in either authenticity or originality.

As for implications, this is essentially an example of Google doubling down on something we already knew—that is, original content is still paramount, utterly vital for achieving any kind of search engine traction.

Something else we know is that a lot of sites, especially those in the News and Health verticals, saw their rankings take a dive. This seems to be especially true of sites that tend to “spin” content from other sources rather than coming up with something truly original.

What About Your Site?

Luckily, the accounts we manage in-house here at Sefati & Co were not hit hard by this update, but a general recommendation is to stay original when creating new content. For existing websites that may have been hit, a good practice is to revisit pages with bad user engagement and poor search traffic and upgrade the content of those pages.

Also, it is important for us to look at the content comprehensively, going beyond just text. Photos, website images, and videos are part of website content and they should not be treated as afterthoughts. These creative assets should be original, well-planned, and highly relevant to their corresponding content.  Specifically, we recommend staying away from stock photos and videos as much as possible and replacing them with original photos.

We will continue to keep our clients up to speed on any and all relevant Google search updates. In the meantime, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the consultants at Sefati & Co today.

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