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It’s long been said that, in digital marketing, content is king. That’s as true today as it ever was, yet the nature of the content is changing all the time. In today’s world, it’s more accurate to say that video is the new content king.

That’s what makes video SEO such an important investment, for companies large and small but before we get into that, just consider these statistics. According to data from Cisco, by 2020,82 percent of all data transferred online will be video. And that’s not all on Netflix and YouTube, either. Seventy-five percent of business executives watch work-related videos every single week.

The opportunities here are obvious: Through an investment in video content development and video SEO, your company can emerge at the forefront of this new content field. In doing so, you’ll both appeal to your customers through engaging, shareable content, and you’ll get a leg up on the competition!

SEO for YouTube Videos

Where to Start YouTube SEO?

The very notion of video SEO for YouTube also known as YouTube SEO can seem daunting—but it can actually be pretty accessible.

  • You don’t need a degree from film school or a big Hollywood studio; with an iPhone and
    the most basic video editing software, even amateurs can make compelling videos.
  • Content and relatability are crucial. Product demos, how-to guides, interviews with your
    team members and behind-the-scenes footage from your company are all effective
  • In addition to video production, it’s important to think about video optimization—uploading your videos to YouTube and other platforms, making them easily searchable and discoverable by online viewers.
  • When done right, video SEO can send traffic to your website, while also increasing your brand’s thought leadership and authority.

YouTube SEO Consulting

Doing SEO for videos does take some technical skill and strategy—which is why most companies outsource it to a YouTube SEO Consulting. Sefati Consulting Group is happy to help. We’re seasoned SEO pros, and in addition to extensive work in enterprise and e-commerce SEO, we also offer services in the video. Whether you’re looking for content creation, optimization, overarching strategy, or all of the above, we’re here to help.

Learn more about our video & Youtube SEO consulting services, and how they can work within your broader digital marketing plan. Reach out to Sefati Consulting Group today.